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    Hi, Gangrel

    I was crazy enough to delete everything including Voice Attack, to make a real clean installation. But I have bad news:
    The problem is still there
    There`s no difference to before.
    I get response from the Ships Cat only.
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      Looks like its WAI at the moment for the direct calling of crewmember unless you give a specific command to them as well
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      • GrayMan_One
        GrayMan_One commented
        Editing a comment
        Hi Gangrel,

        Good job with the new version. Everything is running very well. Thank you !

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      Originally posted by GrayMan_One View Post
      There is no response only with commands "crewman[name]" or "Number one".
      I can use "Crew Command Roster" for built a crew, but get no response (by voice) when I set roles .In the log window it looks like full functional.
      If I check with command "Who am I flying with ?", all crew-members are responding.
      I send a screenshot, were all crew-members not responding....except the "Shipscat"
      Ingame (Star Citizen) it looks like everything ok right now.
      One time I`ve got a error message for maybe the microphone is not ok (log window), but this was not correct.
      I`m sure, my Audio settings are o.k.
      This might be related to something like this bug I just posted: