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Problems with Beta 1.1.2 Alix / Jazz

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  • Problems with Beta 1.1.2 Alix / Jazz

    A lot of the Voice Commands are not working. Asigning a crew goes great, but after that there's no Chit Chat on constalations and so on. Interactive does work thou. Orders gives mostly only a "yes" or so response. Most off the basis commands as stated in SC HCS SC Start here manuals don't work properly. (SC 3.3.7 PU and PTU 3.4). Any idea? Installation can't be the problem (did it multiple times before). The Crew and On my mark are great btw! I think i roll bak to the Jazz or Alix full (older and modified).
    ps I had all keybinding restored to default just to be sure.
    Thank you and thanks for making this great product (!!Soon the cat and Orion will join my crew!!)

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    Ensure that you have the advanced keyboard control scheme applied for the commands to work correctly.

    For the chit-chat and constellation stuff, you will need to enable them (Enable Chit-Chat and Enable Constellations for example)
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      Thank you for your quick response
      did both already.
      The wierd thing is if i say f.e. Hi Jazz, she answers "comm link closed? ...Doesn't she like me?
      Speach eng is working fine btw


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        Solved it with confidence levels, and run a new system voice recognition. Also switched my system language from English to Dutch and Back to English.