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  • No response for calibrate

    I have been reviewing the one of the Star Citizen voice pack you tube demos and noted the use of the calibrate command. I have both the ASTRA and ELI voice pack installed and yet voice attack has no binding to the calibrate keyword.

    Star Citizen is 3.7 but this should not matter, because at the very least I should have voice attack respond to the word "calibrate"

    Voice Attack = v1.7.8
    Event Horizon v1.2.2
    HCS Plugin v3.3.2

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    That was from a year back (and a 3rd party person) so the voice trigger might have changed since then, or he could have made said command for himself You can alter the voice triggers in the voice trigger editor in the customiser.

    To access the customiser, you can say "Protocol override customise my settings" or press LeftAlt+LeftShift+LeftCtrl+Enter
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