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Voicepack (Jazz) executing wrong commands

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  • Voicepack (Jazz) executing wrong commands

    I purchased the Jazz pack today. I am completely new to Voice Attack and she is my only profile. I am on the correct Event Horizon profile that the install file made. In game, she recognizes and 'executes' commands, but does the wrong ones.

    For example: I tell her "Maximum speed" and she shuts my engines off instead (her vocal reply properly mirrors the action she does: it's just not the right action)

    Other commands work as they're supposed to.

    I have default bindings in SC, absolutely nothing is custom.

    How do I fix her? I have opened the profile editor but I don't even know where to start with setting binds from the game.

    It was my understanding that the voice packs were based on the default set up, so they should just work. In customizer for the Event Horizon profile, there is no option to import binds or anything I can see to use the default SC binds (or she has out of date default binds and there isn't a way to update them)

    Additionally, I don't see a way to see what action she is doing and replicate it in SC binds. Is there some sort of short and sweet list for her voice commands to use to rebind SC?

    Also -- I am getting dual T16000M sticks for SC. Those will have custom binds when they arrive. Can I just use keyboard and mouse binds for Jazz and have her ignore the joysticks? I saw the button to disable it on the right hand side of Voice Attack, but I wasn't sure if that would disable some commands. I assume everything can run off kb&m and be fine (once I get her working correctly)
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    Oh! Forgot to mention that trying to edit tells me that I can't because of the auto-update feature. I would have to duplicate then fix, potentially.


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      The keyboard presses that you need to use ingame are in the ((import binds)) command.

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