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  • Star Trek style command codes

    While at work today I was thinking about something I wanted to add to my profile. We currently have "protocol override silent running on" and I thought a more fun way to roleplay it would be to add a command code, in the format of Star Trek.

    So my new addition is "Command protocol override silent running, authorization <name> <number>" So I'd use " command protocol override silent running authorization Moody Equador One Three Three Seven." (E1337 or ELEET)

    Custom responses commander 0049 already contains the proper response, if you trim off the "officer on the bride part" - you're left with "identifying, access granted."

    Just and idea, and one I'll be working on on my personal profile..after the beta!

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    That might be interesting for ship autodestruct only but saying a tons of words while you quickly needs a silent running or when you need to restore normal ship functions can be tricky and too long which can result in rebuy screen


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      Yeah haha, I made a complicated one because that's how I wanted to roleplay it. It could be simplified.


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        Even, a follow up prompt by the computer for the code after you ask for silent running would be the tits.