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Voice Talent - RC Bray - Skippy the Magnificent

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  • Voice Talent - RC Bray - Skippy the Magnificent

    RC Bray is a narrator (among other things) who I would love to have as the voice of my spaceship. More specifically, RC Bray's portrayal of Skippy from the Expeditionary Force series by Craig Alanson. Skippy is an ancient, advanced Artificial Intelligence that is also a giant asshole and a hilarious character all around. If you are into Sci-Fi and haven't read (or even better, listened!) to the Expeditionary Force series, I highly recommend them.

    Anyway I would love to see Skippy as a Voice Pack! Here is a sample from the most recent book (Potential Spoilers if you are interested in the book)

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    I love this idea! Trust the awesomeness!


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      +1 "I do agree that a strong love for doing crazy shit seems to be a prerequisite for being part of this crew"