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    Hi, have been using LEO for the last couple of days and it's made an already great game into something so much more fun to play, cracking job!

    Apologies if you've received this suggestion before, but would you guys consider creating a voice profile of Captain John Rourke (Ian Chisolm) of the good ship Clear Skies from the Machinima series?
    it just occurred to me today that the particular personality of that character might be a good addition and given that it was enjoyed by a lot EvE Online players who also likely play ED, I wondered if it was worth a crack.


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    He has been suggested in the past

    Clear Skies is one of my all time favourite machinima series (I own Clear Skies 3 blu ray)... Side note: Tubular Bells!
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      The Bells!

      I think it would be awesome as JR has some solid gold dialogue in Clear Skies 1,2 and 3!