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Ability to toggle off voice-feedback on a per-command basis

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  • Ability to toggle off voice-feedback on a per-command basis

    The in-game COVAS does a few things that voice packs do not -- for example, the FSD countdown. In the situation where I manually trigger an action, I still want the COVAS on so that it gives its feedback.

    For this reason, I keep my in-game COVAS on alongside Voice Attack. There are a couple of issues with this approach. For example, when I FSD jump, if I had the in-game COVAS turned off, I wouldn't get any feedback if I triggered manually using my HOTAS. Likewise, leaving the in-game COVAS turned on results in some voice commands giving overlapping feedback. Using the same FSD example, if I engage my FSD with VoiceAttack, I get HCS's FSD ack and the in-game ack at the same time.

    Right now there's no happy medium -- I have to either put up with overlapping feedback or turn off in-game COVAS entirely. Neither of these options are particularly appealing. For this reason, it would be SUPER dope if we could toggle off feedback for commands that already have corresponding in-game COVAS feedback.

    Does that make sense?

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    Will look into. No promises though (because then people will want "Can you do it for X/Y/Z voicepack and not *all* voicepacks etc etc".

    Side note: YOu can do a variation of the panel tracking method for triggering off joystick button presses (ie so VA will play the file whenever you hit X button)
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