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Making Singularity more Intelligent for Combat, Exploration and Trade....

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  • Making Singularity more Intelligent for Combat, Exploration and Trade....

    I would like to have Singularity do the following, by using spoken commands like "Escape Maneuver One" or "Attack Maneuver Alpha" or "Evasive Maneuver Beta".

    1) Attack Maneuver: Saying this would set appropriate pips to weapons engines or shields, deploy particular weapons, target closest enemy, target a subsystem, and FIRE all weapons.

    2) Escape Maneuver: Saying this would set appropriate pips to shields, fire appropriate countermeasure, retract weapons, and jump (provided you have selected a star before activation).

    3) Evasive Maneuver: Saying this would set appropriate pips, turn off FA, slew up, down, right or left, or turn 180 degrees and/or boost in a direction, or jump out (provided a star is selected before hand)

    There are many possibilities and I have listed just three. There could also be portions of Singularity designed for Exploration and Trade, like "Sell All" or "Scan All Bodies".

    You get the idea. Make Singularity do some things more intelligent and useful with phrases designed for specific purposes in Combat, Trade, and Exploration

    Singularity is useful in doing simple things like jumping or giving information. I could see it becoming intelligent enough to do escape maneuvers, evasive maneuvers, or attack maneuvers with just one or two spoken commands.

    I have several of these already setup to do these things, but rather than publish my work and spend a good deal of my time programming scripts and then offering support or development, I think HCS Voice Packs and Singularity should expand the possibilities here and could certainly do this better than I could, and come up with much better combinations of these type of voice scripts much faster than I could, and make Singularity a more valuable and useful profile.
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    Well, we do have the Attack Protocol Alpha/Bravo/Charlie

    Alpha: Power to weapons and Shields, deploys hardpoints
    Bravo: Power weapons and Engines, deploys hardpoints
    Charlie: Power to shield and Weapons. deploys hardpoints

    Defence Protocol
    Alpha: Retracts weapons, power to engines, then engages jump
    Bravo: Retracts weapons, power to shields, then engages jump

    We are always on the look out for other commands, but it really depends on what you want.

    On the exploration side: we already have the profile able to plot a course to destinations/scan systems / fire probes (still requires manual targeting though). Side note: We *already* have a "run the discovery scanner on system entry" as a potential option (we call it an explorer jump) that can be toggled on and off in the customiser as well as via spoken command.

    The other thing to remember is that we (as in HCS) do have to limit as to how much we *can* or *would like* to automate, without making it almost akin to "botting" (which would definitely put us into the bad books of Frontier).

    ((The last thing is "how well would you expect it to work if you handed it to a new person"... is there anything that they would have to take into considering, (seeing as 90% of people do not read instructions, even if a window pops up telling them what to do) ))

    Edit: Without knowing *exactly* what the commands you have set up do, we might have already done some of them (as I pointed out above)
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