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Fuel Scooping command?

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  • Fuel Scooping command?

    Is there a command you could give just before a jump, such as "Engage Jump and fuelscoop"? This should take you into orbit or to the best distance for scooping. If not, that would be One Giant Scoop for Explorers! Sorry if it's already in system but I've missed it.

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    No really doable the only warning that we have that you are scooping is when the journal entry tells us *How much* you have scooped... at which point, you are either full or you stopped scooping
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      I see, Gangrel, or at least I think I do! If the start scooping isn't doable, could a variation of the 'Engage jump' set us down at the optimum distance away from the sun so it's quicker for us to start scooping manually? When you're going long distance, any time saved at all is more than welcome.


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        we get no information from the game about speed or distance, only that you have exited hyperspace. So no, it isn't possible to do.
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          I see; makes sense. Thanks for the heads up.