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Spanish triggers for voice attack

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  • Spanish triggers for voice attack


    I'm new here, so hi to everyone! But not new at all using HCS voices packs, by the time I maked a translation for almost 90% of triggers (with Astra, Eden and Verity) in voice attack, for people that understand english, but their pronuntiation it's not that good, or just not feeling comfortable to speak in english to say commands or whatever reason. So they can still use this fantastic voice pack using Spanish voice commands. I've seen that you integrated French ones so... It'll be nice!

    So I'm really asking how can I send my work to be integrated on next updates? If it's that posible of course. I will keep working in the voicepacks I have, but I can't have all the voice packs, so I can't translate all packs. But it'll be awesome, to share my work on the base triggers, and Astra, Verity and Eden interaction ones. I don't play a lot, but wanted this not to fall nowhere, and hope this work is in vain.


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    email info@theqnn,com explaining, and they will take it from there for you
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      Thank you for the info, I really appreciate it!