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    Hi all

    I've recently begun to use Ship's log more frequently, being part of an expedition. The program is great for recording quick notes about a system or nebula, or just recording a few mental notes. However, in using the program, a few thoughts and ideas have come to mind, and I wanted to list there here to see if it would be possible. These are thoughts or ideas that are based on my experience with my first expedition, while I'm not sure how feasible they are, I do feel that they would be a great addition to the log.

    Major Features:
    1) add in a way to save and list systems that you have jumped to: right now, the Log does save this information, but there's no way to get a list of places you have jumped to.
    2) have the log save system scanner info, such as total number of planets in a system: In other words, you jump to a system, scan it, and the planet information is recorded to the log. This would be especially useful when paired with the "jump and scan" command in your profiles), (IMHO).
    3) Discovery scanner information. Similar to system scanning info above, the difference is you would have to actually scan the planet.
    4) Export of "Itinerary" in .vap format - This could be useful when planning an expedition such as Distant Worlds, or Small Worlds as it could offer way to ensure that everyone knows where to go, and can map to it. It can also allow players to re-travel the route taken by a previous expedition/captain.

    Minor features:
    1) if the system is part of a trade route
    2) if the system has active combat zones, or is good for bounty hunting, piracy, or smuggling (based on your previous actions).
    3) if you were interdicted, and the number of times.

    For the minor features, this is information I believe is tracked by the HCS Plugin. If so, the Ship's Log can use this information to give you a more "detailed" analysis of your favorite systems for future reference, (or as a memory aid). Options could be presented allowing users to turn on or off recording/tracking specific info, as well as an option to automatically save this "basic" information each time new data is added, while keeping the command to start voice recording separately.

    Elite at present doesn't really have a way for a caption to re-trace the route he's just traveled, I currently use a combination of Notepad, Ship's Log, and Captain's log to achieve and track the information above. Adding some or all of the features above, even in a basic format, would mean I can still do all of this while only needing one program - yours. It could also increase the value and usefulness of the Ship's log in a way I feel most captains/commanders would truly appreciate and support.

    As always, thanks for reading.

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    Unfortunately the ship's log has been withdrawn from sale and no further development will be done....good ideas though
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      "The Ship's Log, Exploring Aid, A utility barely alive. Gentlemen, we can rebuild and re-brand it. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the game's first truly indispensable exploring aid. The Ship's Log will be that utility. Better than it was before. Improved and expanded features, better, stronger, faster. A marvel of technical achievement. The missing piece in the Tri-Force of immersion"
      - Eulogy for The Ship's Log

      Originally posted by TheThingIs View Post
      Unfortunately the ship's log has been withdrawn from sale and no further development will be done....good ideas though
      There is a use, (and niche market) for it in game, but it was truly in need of a few more features to make it truly competitive and appealing.

      Sad to hear, hopefully one day, you will be able to re-visit this program,


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        I only brought it a couple of weeks ago


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          Is there a plan to integrate a similar code as standard for the voicepacks?


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            I know this is a couple months stale, but I just got on the forums for something else and saw it.

            There's another tool I like better than Ships log.

            EDDiscovery. It's very actively updated - there were two or three this month already. Has a similar layout to ships log, but there are a few more options. One big one I like is that you can have it set to pull EDSM data for the system automatically, so if there's any data out there, it will populate the info right away.

            What I would love, would be a way to add notes to it through VoiceAttack, as a dictation.