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'Command Reference Manual' pdf. needed improvements

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  • 'Command Reference Manual' pdf. needed improvements

    From a repeated user perspective after my inititial read of the whole 'Command Reference Manual' pdf.

    I can find a section easily but for example, but if I want to open the customizer and I cant remember the exact phrase{which is every time}, I can quickly glance at the pdf and the actual spoken phrase doesn't jump out at me from all the white 'samey' text.

    Can ALL the spoken commands be in the colour Green (as that colour is not used in the pdf) and maybe italics & bold (for colour blind people) also.
    Then when we glance at the page its so much easier to spot the actual voice command.

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    The report is produced by VoiceAttack so doing that would require us to manually edit every one. There is a proper manual planned to coincide with v2 at Christmas.
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      Not that one. I was referring to the 'ELITE DANGEROUS MANUAL- START HERE.pdf ' .or as it's called when I open the file (Elite) 'Command Reference Manual' . I can see the confusion. Ghangis has replied in the thread . Cheers