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Moving voice packs and profiles to a new PC

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  • Moving voice packs and profiles to a new PC

    I have bought a shiny new PC. The old one will donated to my niece but I still have access to it untill Christmas.

    I currently own the Astra, Verity, Leo and Ships Cat voice packs. They have been customised in several ways including voice activated profile switching and including the ships cat for all packs. It's so long ago that I've forgotten how I set it all up.

    I would like to have exactly the same setup on my new PC. I would also like to update to the latest versions of the packs as Astra and Verity are old versions.

    What is my best strategy for achieving this? Can I simply copy over everything in the old voiceattack/sounds file onto the new PC and then update?

    Any hints for achieving a smooth and painless transfer much appreciated.


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    Copy over the directory where you have the voice packs installed from one to the other,

    Copy over the Voice Attack directory in C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\VoiceAttack\ to the new PC (its the VoiceAttack.dat file that you need).

    In terms of upgrading the profiles: Personally speaking i would write down the changes (and how they are done in the profile) and then remake them in the new profiles. There were quite a few changes over the months which means that "overwriting" the existing profile is more likely to break something in your existing profiles...

    Side note: If you need to download the updated packs (you can email with order number, email address used, name, and a new link can be generated for you to use)
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