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  • Disabled (accessible via subcommand) ... ?

    For Elite Dangerous'S A.S.T.R.A. (Full Basic Profile; KB+M) I have a few commands I'm trying to use, such as {{increase sensor range max}} OR {{decrease sensor range max}} and I'm finding they're disabled. The error being, "Disabled (accessible via subcommand)" - What subcommand do I use to get these to work?

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    disabled commands are used because those commands are called upon others. If you have a programming mind, we use the ((commandname)) (disabled) thing as a variable elsewhere. Keybindings are a good example for these.

    Ok, now the background is done.

    Zoom out;Increase sensor range;Increase sensors
    Zoom in;Decrease sensor range;Decrease sensors

    are the ones you are looking for.
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      Yeah, I spent over an hour looking through the profile so I could understand. Basically they have it set up like this:

      The comamnds you see as "Disabled" are purely the keybindings. In your example ((increase sensor range max)) is set to a button. However, you should also see there is another listing for all the max radar voice commands you can say such as "Zoom Out Max" - If you open that listing, you should see some more guts. Basically what these higher level commands that you say are doing a bunch of things:

      1.) Launching a voice response sound file (or randomly choosing from a few)
      2.) Doing any other commands that may be linked (if you are going to supercruise it will retract hardpoints and gear, then pause and then go to the next step)
      3.) Launch the "disabled" commands which is essentially just a keybinding.

      If you look through these various commands (sory by catagory) and you should see how these are working. Knowing is half the battle and you will better know how to fix any problems you run into. Also, I'm glad to help anywhere I can.