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Profile patches for minor issues ELITE: DANGEROUS

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    Originally posted by Lensman View Post
    for clarification, are the individual ai patches for BOTH Star Citizen and Elite Dangerous?

    Just want to be sure....
    Patches listed and provided in this post are for Elite Dangerous profiles only.


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      So .. 2.4 Journal etc. So ... this is my profile load output

      01:14:33 - Plugin 'EDDI 2.3.0-b8' initialized.
      01:14:29 - Elite Dangerous VoiceAttack profile - (c)2017 HCS Voice Packs Ltd
      01:14:29 - Profile v2.4
      01:14:28 - Plugin 'bindED Plugin v1.0' initialized.
      01:14:28 - Plugin 'HCS Voice Packs - Elite Dangerous Journal Reader v1.0 - for VA v1.5.14+' initialized.
      01:14:28 - HCS Elite Dangerous Journal Reader Initialized
      1:14:28 AM - Plugin support enabled.

      As you can see.. the Journal Plugin still says "Journal Reader v1.0 - for VA v1.5.14+' initialized."
      - concerned for whatever reason I have not correctly updated to Journal 2.4 \ new HCS Journal Plugin correctly?

      [EDIT] Apparently this is NORMAL -- mIRCon sorted me out.
      - I am leaving this edited post for anyone else reading who may have made the same assumption as me.

      The profile load line "Plugin 'HCS Voice Packs - Elite Dangerous Journal Reader v1.0 - for VA v1.5.14+' initialized" refers to the "READER" version not the CONFIG version.

      To check your config version is now at 2.0 (journal) -
      Press the debug keys - Left Alt + Left Shift + Left Control AND Space bar all at the same time when properly loaded in game and loaded in correct order, VA, Elite etc

      and you should be getting this output:
      17:55:25 - Journal config: v2.0 <--- this means your updated to latest config version.
      17:55:25 - Game state: docked
      17:55:25 - In Wing: False
      17:55:25 - Shortcut : '((Show debug info))'

      Thx all
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        So I guess I'm slightly confused.

        If I want the profile switching/multi-crew, I apply this patch to my already existing profile.

        I have Obsidian, which I got because I wanted to do multicrew with Obsidian and Phoenix, but Phoenix is listed as patchable, but Obsidian is not. So, will I not be able to use Obsidian for multicrew? I also got Verity from the sale, so I could use Phoenix and Verity with this, but not Obsidian?

        Or is this available for Obsidian, but that VA just isn't listed for the "patch" for multicrew above?

        Looking in the zipe file, there's a patch 2.4a and a multicrew patch 2.4a

        Patch 2.4a is for updating the listed Voice Packs? And Multicrew patch 2.4a I add AFTER using Patch 2.4a?

        There's no "multi-crew folder" and no readme in the zip file.

        The multi-crew page brings me to this one to get the multi-crew patch. Maybe I'm just dumb and missing something obvious. I also don't see anything telling me what version of Voice Attack the multi-crew works on, so I don't know if I have the right version (my version is from Steam, so I don't think I have the option to change to a different version anyway).

        And if this doesn't work.. is there a way to blend two or more packs together without having to try to write code into thousands of files to make sure it calls the correct sound files?

        And edit... again. Do I need to patch Obsidian with Patch 2.4a? Because Obsidian isn't listed for that patch, but Phoenix and Verity are.
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          So I guess since I don't have Astra (and can't afford to purchase it just for this because I have no interest in using Astra), I won't be able to make use of Multicrew. I saw the part about needing Astra but I SWORE I saw somewhere else stating that Astra wasn't necessary. But I have no idea what I'm supposed to do or if this is even going to work. It's clearly calling for Astra, and for commands that don't exist, so I can't set anything.

          I'm feeling kind of stupid now for just going by what I thought I saw (that you could use other packs than Astra), but it looks like I can't even set up multicrew without Astra, even if I have the option in multicrew to NOT use Astra after setup?

          So, how do I call a command from another profile? I could cut and paste the pieces I want and tell it to call the commands from the second profile I want to use, right? That's how multi-crew works? Or do I have to use the sound path? I'd have to insert the path to the sound file in every command. And then when it calls for a "random sound", how do I make sure it's calling a random sound from the correct profile? Maybe I can look through the multicrew commands and try to figure out how to tell it to call from another profile. I'm sure that will take a lot of time and I'm too frustrated and annoyed with myself right now for not double checking I could use this without the Astra profile.

          So it looks like I can edit the name of the random sound (turn it into a voice command, edit it, turn the voice part back off so it's greyed out). It has all the correct paths this way. So I could edit, say, Obsidian's sound to be like "RS - SRV recover - O", and since it has all the correct paths, I just make sure any time an Obsidian command calls for a random sound, I use the edited version.

          That's going to take a while. Probably a weekend project.

          Sorry for the two huge posts back to back but if anyone has a more efficient suggestion, I'd like to hear it.
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            Multi-Crew profile is my own profile which is only available as a free extra in the Astra pack. No other pack currently has the ability to do this. We are working right now on a new profile called The Singularity which will give everyone the ability to use multiple packs together in a similar fashion as multi-crew. It should be out for beta testing before the end of the month.

            The patch 2.4a is for every pack which has v2.4 profiles in, namely anything which uses plugins. Obsidian was updated to use plugins so if you are not already on v2.4 then you will need to redownload the whole pack, load in v2.4 and then apply the patch to it.

            The Multi-Crew patch v2.4a is NOT to be applied to ANY other profile. It does not add in multi-crew functionality, it patches bugs in the multi-crew profile.
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            The Singularity profile - One profile to rule them all and at HCS we bound them

            You see, TheThingIs, eventually you'll be allright.


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              I guess I got confused by having both patches on the same page and just assumed they could all be used. I don't know why I thought multi-crew would work on any of them, the two packs I just bought I wanted to have anyway but I thought I'd be able to get them to work together with the multicrew. I suppose I'm just dumb and easily confused.

              A little disappointed that it's going to be more difficult meshing the three packs I have together, it's going to take a lot of editing, but it'll be really nice once I get it figured out.

              I really hope they are able to make a multicrew option for all of the voice packs. I like the idea of having multiple packs to emulate having an actual crew, and to add variety to the game as a whole.


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                The Singularity profile which we are working on now will be multi-crew for everyone. Should be ready to go into public beta by the end of this month
                The Singularity profile - One profile to rule them all and at HCS we bound them

                You see, TheThingIs, eventually you'll be allright.


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                  Originally posted by TheThingIs View Post
                  The Singularity profile which we are working on now will be multi-crew for everyone. Should be ready to go into public beta by the end of this month
                  Sweet, I am looking forward to that then!

                  End of the month is only ten days away so I could just switch between the manually, it wouldn't make sense to spend hours renaming things when a better solution is going to come along soon anyway.

                  Thanks for letting me know! I'll check back in a week or so and see when it becomes available.4


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                    Awesome! Love ya'lls customer support. Form-discord=awesome! Thanks for keeping my flying. =)