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Profile patches for minor issues ELITE: DANGEROUS

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    Originally posted by Lensman View Post
    for clarification, are the individual ai patches for BOTH Star Citizen and Elite Dangerous?

    Just want to be sure....
    Patches listed and provided in this post are for Elite Dangerous profiles only.


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      So .. 2.4 Journal etc. So ... this is my profile load output

      01:14:33 - Plugin 'EDDI 2.3.0-b8' initialized.
      01:14:29 - Elite Dangerous VoiceAttack profile - (c)2017 HCS Voice Packs Ltd
      01:14:29 - Profile v2.4
      01:14:28 - Plugin 'bindED Plugin v1.0' initialized.
      01:14:28 - Plugin 'HCS Voice Packs - Elite Dangerous Journal Reader v1.0 - for VA v1.5.14+' initialized.
      01:14:28 - HCS Elite Dangerous Journal Reader Initialized
      1:14:28 AM - Plugin support enabled.

      As you can see.. the Journal Plugin still says "Journal Reader v1.0 - for VA v1.5.14+' initialized."
      - concerned for whatever reason I have not correctly updated to Journal 2.4 \ new HCS Journal Plugin correctly?

      [EDIT] Apparently this is NORMAL -- mIRCon sorted me out.
      - I am leaving this edited post for anyone else reading who may have made the same assumption as me.

      The profile load line "Plugin 'HCS Voice Packs - Elite Dangerous Journal Reader v1.0 - for VA v1.5.14+' initialized" refers to the "READER" version not the CONFIG version.

      To check your config version is now at 2.0 (journal) -
      Press the debug keys - Left Alt + Left Shift + Left Control AND Space bar all at the same time when properly loaded in game and loaded in correct order, VA, Elite etc

      and you should be getting this output:
      17:55:25 - Journal config: v2.0 <--- this means your updated to latest config version.
      17:55:25 - Game state: docked
      17:55:25 - In Wing: False
      17:55:25 - Shortcut : '((Show debug info))'

      Thx all
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