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**** INSTALLING profiles the CORRECT way ****

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  • **** INSTALLING profiles the CORRECT way ****

    Hey peeps,

    We have noticed a trend happening with the VoiceAttack profile which seems to be causing everyone major issues. A lot of you are simply installing them incorrectly and then struggling because things aren't working. So here's how it should be done:

    When putting a profile into VA there are 2 methods by which this can be achieved. Import profile and import commands. A lot of people seem to be clicking create a new profile and then editing the new profile and using import commands to load the profile. This method is WRONG as it will not load in some very important profile settings. This method is actually for adding in new commands to an existing profile. To load in a profile correctly with the correct settings you must use Import Profile which is on the main VA window. Here is a simple step by step of how to do it:

    1. Install VoiceAttack, the latest full version. Beta versions are fine but we don't use features from the betas for stability reasons (multi-crew profile may need the beta, version required will be indicated in notes for it)

    2. Install the plugins into "VAFolder"\Apps\

    3. Install the pack into "VAFolder"\Sounds\

    4. STEAM users. Our current installers for the plugins and the pack do not take into account the steam installation of VA being in a different place. Our installers put the files by default into C:\Program Files (x86)\VoiceAttack\Apps and \Sounds. After the installers have finished please move these 2 folders to your steam install of VA. Just cut & paste will do.

    5. Start VA and click the Import Profile button and then browse to the correct .vap profile file you want to import:
    Click image for larger version

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    6. Stop and restart VA

    7. Check to see if there are any patch updates for the profile. As you can see above, the new versions of our profiles include a version number. If you don't see a version number then you will likely have an old version so downloading your full pack again will be necessary. If you do see a version number then check it on this thread to see if an update is available. The patches are installed using the import commands option as this adds or replaces commands into an existing profile. Instructions for that are provided with the patches:

    Multi-crew has it's own instructions which tell you about editing ((Crew Members)). The latest patch for this profile adds in auto pack detection so editing that command is no longer necessary. If you follow the above install guide and then immediately add the patch as well you don't have to edit anything and it should just start working and initially set all the crew members to be Astra. See the readme in the patches pack or read the patches post.


    Hope that helps

    The HCS Team
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