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    ok great! Let me know how things go when you've used it for a few days. When you are confident it's 100% I'll provide a patch for everyone which will cover all keypresses
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      I'll do that and again thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At the very least "Reset panels" now works!!!!!!!


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        Yup, that patch fixed it for me as well! Thank you so much TheThingIs!


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          Hi Thingls
          Im trying to get commads to verity, all works fine on screen but in vr she acknowledges me but nothing happens. Im only new trying this out, do i have to set all the key bindings myself? I use a xbox controller in vr thought voice commands would be cool but cant seem to get it working... i have the controller set to custom because that was a thing with va but no luck. If you get a chance to help , would be great, thanks or direct me to certain posts to try out anything...


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            When you start up voice attack it will give you some messages in the voice attack log screen.

            If one of those is "Missing binds detected" then you can run the customiser (say "protocol override, customise my settings" to access it), and then you can generate the missing keybind report, save it to your desktop and then manually apply the keypresses to the missing commands.

            You can have both a joystick/gamepad combination assigned to a command as well as a keyboard combination; that is why there are 2 columns in the control options list
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