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    Thanks.. will give it a try upcoming weekend..


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      I keep getting "The wrong controls are selected in Elite." I've tried resetting my control scheme in Elite and binding some new keys to make a new custom profile, but it doesn't seem to change anything. Am I missing something really obvious?

      Edit: Using a Saitek X55 Rhino for flying, but set up all the default keyboard binds as secondary.
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        We no longer use this as all the checking is now done inside Singularity along with the HCS Voicepack plugin.
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          Ohh, my bad... I do however not get any file with missing binds when I run Singularity, it says it writes the files to desktop, but I have an altered path to my desktop so the file is never created. Is there any way to generate it somewhere else, or do I have to relocate my desktop to the default location for it to work?


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            you can change the path to where it is saved, the option is in the customiser
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