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  • Voicepack volume question

    Hi there,

    I have three voice packs (Astra, Orion and Eden) and have been very pleased with them, for some time now I have been solely using Astra, which has worked great. However with the imminent advent of Singularity I have just updated my other voice packs and tried them out. I notice that the volume levels of both Eden and Orion seem quite in comparison to Astra. Now, I am a little, very little hard of hearing getting, probably normal as I get on in years, but I recently purchased the Sennheiser GSX 1000 7.1 gaming headset amp . One of the neat features the GSX 1000 allows me to do is 'move' the sound more to the front or back of my head. I usually have the sound moved to the rear as it really does sound the roar of the engines in my ships is then behind me. Of course that also moves the voice pack behind me too, but with Astra it sounds like she is much louder and kind of 'all around me' sounding even with the sound shifted. It works great, but when I tried it with Eden and Orion they sounded quieter and it was difficult to make out their voices over the sound of the ship. It was slightly better when I centered the sound, but still noticeably quieter than Astra.

    Is there any way to boost the volume levels of the voice packs? The only thing I can think of doing is to play around with APO Equalizer with the Peace interface (which I use) but overall the sounds are good, it's just Eden and Orion seem quiet since I updated them with the October update. I'm kind of doubting there is any config I can adjust, but I thought I would ask.

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    we are very mindful of the volume levels and we are tentatively tweaking them right now. There is a limit though without adding distortion. Gangrel is a little more up on audio editing than I am so hopefully he'll jump in and add his 2 cents
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      There is no config available to boost them automatically (without doing it on a file by file basis).

      However, doing a batch conversion via audacity or something like foobar is a potential route. The volume thing is something that we are aware of though, but some packs will have more audio variance inside themselves (Vasco for example can have a large volume difference due to Brian Blessed both being "quiet" and "SHOUTING LIKE HE NORMALLY DOES!"). And that volume difference is part of the character.

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        OK, thanks very much for the reply. I hadn't thought of the audacity route, I take the samples are just able to be fed in and boosted a little. They aren't much off, maybe I could turn the sound effects down in the game a bit too. Thanks again for the replies, I'll have a bit of a tweak with game settings first.


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          Ok, so just an update on this, I started going through the samples and raising the volume with audacity. Initial testing proved that it was working very well. Then I discovered just how many samples there are in a voicepack, and the thought of spending all that time lovingly backing up each one, adjusting it and copying the raised one back.. I decided to go the other route, this was a simple case of making the sound central on the Sennheiser GSX1000 by simply pressing one button. OK, so the engines don't sound quite so 'behind me' now.. but everything else sounds great, so I'm happy with that! Thanks again for the support.


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            Im not sure if this is helpful, but I made a post on how I solved this problem...