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    Hi, I got VA and Eli today for ED but I am having some issues, what is happening is I will ask for something like "contacts", Eli will repeat my request but will sometimes do nothing at all or will go to a complete different tab like inventory or transactions. Same will happen with other commands like "galaxy map", Eli will say "Displaying Map" but nothing opens. Lots of other commands seem to be messed up like this as well, I know Eli understands what I am saying as he repeats it back to me so the problem doesn't lie there. I have even 'run diagnostics' to sync the commands but that doesn't help.

    If anyone has any suggestions I'd love to try them out and thank you in advance.
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    One thing I've done for my own troubleshooting in the past is open up notepad and issue commands within notepad. The resulting key presses should display in the notepad so you can see what is being pushed. In your case, if you issue the same command each time - do you get the same result? You can then see what it is trying to do each time and perhaps figure out what's wrong.

    When I request docking - if I've been in the menus doing other things, sometimes it will miss the correct tab and open galaxy map instead - it doesn't really 'know' where the tabs are, it's just moving to the menu and expecting it to be at the top of the navigation panel to start with. So if you don't leave the left panel in the state it expected, the commands can be wrong.


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      Ashrack is correct. We are given no info by the game as to the positions you are in on the menus. We do our best to record when you move them with voice commands but if you move them manually then we won't know what position you are on. Run diagnostics actually resets these settings so move all the tabs back to the far left on all the panels and close them. Say run diagnostics and it will then be synchronised again.

      The galmap issue would seem to be an issue with your keybindings. Make sure you have bound a keyboard press to every command we need and the plugin will read them. The Singularity profile has a built in keychecker so if you run that profile it will tell you which ones are missing. We are in fact recommending that everyone switch to using Singularity fully.
      The Singularity profile - One profile to rule them all and at HCS we bound them

      You see, TheThingIs, eventually you'll be allright.


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        Thank you both for responding, I had a look at my keybindings and you were correct, I didn't have keybindings set for a lot of what I was trying to do, I have Eli working relatively smoothly now but I do need to run 'speech recognition voice training' a few more times to improve accuracy.

        I just loaded the Singularity profile and will see how that goes.

        I have only been playing ED for 2 weeks so I have to take baby steps.
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          I have given Singularity a run through and a lot of my profiles don't run with it, including GalaXapediA & Constellations packs etc. How can these be enabled to run with Singularity ?


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            dont know if this will help at all for tracking your tab positions in the menus
            i use a HOTAS in voice attack under options i registered my joystick / HOTAS then under the HCS profile you use look for Ship GUI then look for Previous tab in the edit command window put a tick in the when i press button
            it will then ask you to press a button on the HOTAS this will allow your button press to be tracked in voice attack you can do the same in the Next tab
            hope you can understand what i have put i have included a couple of screen shots


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              you have to "enable galaxapedia" and other content

              for panel tracking with joystick follow this guide:
              The Singularity profile - One profile to rule them all and at HCS we bound them

              You see, TheThingIs, eventually you'll be allright.