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I want voice responses from key-presses (Elite: Singularity profile)

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    Don't use beta version of VA with singularity. Stay with the release one : 1.6.9

    You can, obviously, use the Linked VAP with singularity (How to in the PM)

    If you try it, let me know if it's work well and if it's something like this you requested. Thanks

    EDIT 13/03/2018 : Check your PM again, I send you a more better VAP with lot more commands
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      I will let you know.
      Thanks again.


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        It seem to work

        If someone else want to get voice feedback from key-press (in beta stage for basic commands (35 commands at this time, some more, hopefully, by the end of the week)) , let me know (will PM you a link to the VAP and how to).

        It's support tracking states and the crew member assigned to station. So you will get the sound feedback from your selected crewman and can use both voice or keyboard without tracking lost (ON/OFF, UP/DOWN, ...)

        Once I got all tested by me (when got time to play ) and if HCS Voicepacks Dev's are OK, I will, also, post a link to the VAP here with the how-to . (I don't touch the Elite:singularity VAP file)


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          Okay - 'will be looking forward to future updates, and will hold off on mentioning it on YouTube for now.
          I'm so grateful - so thanks once again.

          Oh BTW - I was confused, and thought you were with HCS.
          Thanks for mentioning earlier that you're not ;-)


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            I Hope I have helped you with this
            Stay tuned for some update by the end of the week

            And No, I'm not with HCS, .. I'm just a HCS User

            Thanks for your feedBack. If something goes wrong let me know (here or in PM)
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