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I want voice responses from key-presses (Elite: Singularity profile)

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  • I want voice responses from key-presses (Elite: Singularity profile)

    I sent this off to "Help" - and thought I should post it here as well..

    I want ASTRA to respond to key presses as if I used a voice command - how do I do it please? I am using Elite Singularity.

    Before updating to Singularity, I was able to set this behavior, but not with Singularity it seems.

    For example: I have my numeric keypad number keys: (1, 2, and 3) mapped to 25%, 50%, and 75% respectively. Before updating to Singularity I was able to set these commands to speak the responses from the key-presses, now that is not working.

    Please help me understand how to do this, as I am making tutorials and want her to respond to key-presses.

    PS: I lost my teeth years ago, so VA doesn't understand me very well - no matter how often I train it on the PC. Hence my request.

    Thanks - and I am looking forward to hearing back from you.

  • Touille
    I Hope I have helped you with this
    Stay tuned for some update by the end of the week

    And No, I'm not with HCS, .. I'm just a HCS User

    Thanks for your feedBack. If something goes wrong let me know (here or in PM)
    Last edited by Touille; 03-14-2018, 04:45 AM.

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  • mendocinotim
    Okay - 'will be looking forward to future updates, and will hold off on mentioning it on YouTube for now.
    I'm so grateful - so thanks once again.

    Oh BTW - I was confused, and thought you were with HCS.
    Thanks for mentioning earlier that you're not ;-)

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  • Touille
    It seem to work

    If someone else want to get voice feedback from key-press (in beta stage for basic commands (35 commands at this time, some more, hopefully, by the end of the week)) , let me know (will PM you a link to the VAP and how to).

    It's support tracking states and the crew member assigned to station. So you will get the sound feedback from your selected crewman and can use both voice or keyboard without tracking lost (ON/OFF, UP/DOWN, ...)

    Once I got all tested by me (when got time to play ) and if HCS Voicepacks Dev's are OK, I will, also, post a link to the VAP here with the how-to . (I don't touch the Elite:singularity VAP file)

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  • mendocinotim
    I will let you know.
    Thanks again.

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  • Touille
    Don't use beta version of VA with singularity. Stay with the release one : 1.6.9

    You can, obviously, use the Linked VAP with singularity (How to in the PM)

    If you try it, let me know if it's work well and if it's something like this you requested. Thanks

    EDIT 13/03/2018 : Check your PM again, I send you a more better VAP with lot more commands
    Last edited by Touille; 03-13-2018, 08:19 AM.

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  • mendocinotim
    Let me be sure I understand..
    Do not use this with Singularity, is that correct?
    Or did you mean not to use the Beta version of VA - but is okay with Singularity?

    Sorry, am a little confused here.

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  • mendocinotim
    commented on 's reply
    Got it - thanks.
    'Will check it out.

  • Touille
    PM : Private Message

    At the top right of the forum page you should see a 1 in red color.

    Don't bother to do the previous post step, I send you a link (in PM )with a early "work in progress" VAP file. Try this one instead.

    It's pretty basic for now (Deploy Hardpoint (U) , Deploy Heatsink (V) , Ship Light (insert) , Cargo Scoop (home) , Landing Gear (L), Flight Assist (Z) , engine Boost (TAB) and center HMD (F12) commands), will add more command later . Take care : if you try it with your ship parked in station, only Ship Light and Center HMD will work.

    The Vap Include tracking states (and hopefuly the crew member you have assigned station. Didn't tested all, I'm at work ), so it will work well with the Original voice pack (if you press key, The voice pack will know, and if you use vocal command after this will do the right stuff : deploying landing gear with key and the HCS voice pack will aslo know the landing gear state (UP /DOWN), ... ) -> HCS Voice pack will play the right sound (UP/DOWN, ON/OFF, ...)

    In fact, The VAP use the HCS Voicepack command : when you press key, the key don't go to the game : VA Catch it and send the right command through the singularity profile (in simplified terms)

    Also, in the the forum link to the "custom commands and how to add them" method, he said use Beta version of VA. DON'T with singularity

    Again sorry for my basic english
    Last edited by Touille; 03-12-2018, 03:07 PM.

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  • mendocinotim
    "PM" - Ahhhh..
    Private Message

    Never mind.

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  • mendocinotim

    Thank you so much for helping out this way!
    I will try the above method just as soon as I can get back to it on my PC - 'am on a Mac at the moment.
    You may have saved the day.

    In your "EDIT 2" - you said to check my PM.
    I have seen that "PM" abbreviation in forums before, but know not what it means.
    Please explain?

    Thanks again - I will post here when I have used the above method.
    And also, thanks for the forum link to the "custom commands and how to add them" method.

    I can't understand why it's so difficult to find information like this.
    You're an absolute code-angel.

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  • Touille
    Originally posted by mendocinotim View Post
    By the way..

    Astra (before the update) was behaving erratically.. so I performed a full uninstall before updating.
    I deliberately deleted all my customizations at that time - so am starting from scratch now.

    I will want to trigger ASTRA's normal responses for the following actions when I press keys on my keyboard, or from my HOTAS stick..

    25% speed
    50% speed
    75% speed
    100% speed
    All Stop
    Safety Jump
    Super Cruise
    Open/Close Galaxy Map
    Open/Close System Map

    And many other commands that I cannot think of or list here now.

    I am not a programmer, but can understand basic instructions, if anyone can lead me in the right direction.

    I wish there was some documentation for beginners on how to manage this kind of basic stuff in voice attack with HCS voicepacks.
    All the documentation I can find is for set-up; but nothing for basic programming mods like the ones mentioned above.
    1.Create a new profile and name it
    2.Click Add a command : tick "when I press keys" and select the key you want
    3.Under "When this command executes, do the following sequence" select Other, then, sounds, then, play a sound and select the sound you want to play for the key you put above
    4.Click Ok then Done in the profile windows
    5.Select the Singularity profile, then Edit it : click the square Near the profile name (profile options)
    6.Select Include commands from other profiles and select the profils you have create above. Then Ok, OK, And Done in the profile Windows. Be sure to be in Singularity profile before the next step (you should be)

    7.Test with pressing the key you entered above. That should play the selected sound (basic way without crew. etc , just playing the sound you want when key you want is pressed)
    8.Make other key you want by editing your new profile (not the Singularity one) (step 2 & 3) Be sure to be in Singularity profile when you VA launch
    9.If all Is OK make backup of you new vap file somewhere in case something goes wrong

    I think Is a good Idea for those who use Hotas to. I did my own Warthog script with HCS Biddings (year ago, when you need to put right key ) (can be found on Github / CMDR Touille)
    I will learn how VA and the news singularity profile work and try to do something better for what you want (with crew station you have selected, tracking states, etc....) but it will take time. When I got some news about this, I will update my github with a new beta VAP file and will , also, update this post.

    Sorry for my english

    EDIT : you can check this post that teach you how to add your custom commands, include profile to your main script, and other stuff :

    EDIT 2: mendocinotim, check your PM, I have started the work, and got some basic stuff working nicely with tracking / crew member station selected...
    Last edited by Touille; 03-12-2018, 12:47 PM.

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  • TheThingIs
    Yes the new plugin should work with the old profiles although we switched to using mp3. If you look in the archive folder I "think" we made an mp3 version of the 2.4 profiles just in case. Please note though that non of the customiser will work and its totally unsupported so you will be using it without future updates or help I'm afraid.

    You might need my help to get it going though so if you could catch me on discord sometime:

    depends what you are saying...anything just for that pack only has to be added in to Singularity now so you may find some of her themed extras need adding if you want them.

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  • mendocinotim
    I should also mention that ASTRA use to understand my vocal commands - nothing changed with me - but for some reason she no longer gets many of the commands she use to understand, now.
    I have done voice training at least on five separate occasions - each time more than one training session; just to give the PC plenty of opportunities to learn my voice.
    But despite those efforts, ASTRA misunderstand me 90% of the time now.
    Just FYI.

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  • mendocinotim
    I'm glad you are willing to bring it up.
    In my YouTube videos, I am teaching old people (like me) mostly, where it helps to let people know exactly what I'm doing at all times. Unlike younger players, who don't need hand-holding. LOL
    I show them how I do it, using repetition as the primary teaching method. And with ASTRA there to announce every button press, that favilitates this way of teaching immeasurably!

    Perhaps, if your team was interested in doing it, you could add additional commands that users could enable for each of the main commands if they need them.
    Not the interactive ones, like (for example) Galaxapedia stuff, or interactions where you banter with the AI, but for the executable commands, that activate the frameshift drive, change speed, open maps, etc.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed, and hope that one day I will be able to resume my tutorial series.
    I will post a youtube video stating as much.

    Thanks again - with fingers crossed.

    I would be happy to go back to the older code-base, if that is possible; because that was able to do almost everything I needed.
    How might I do that?
    Can you give me download to the previous version?
    I'll have to make my custom mods all over again, but it would be well worth it to me if I could.

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