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Should I have received update links?

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  • Should I have received update links?

    I can't tell from looking through the forum if the 3.0 update is still in beta or if I should have received update links.

    I have Astra, Eden, Midnight, and Vega.


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    all of them were updated. you can download them using the existing link you have in emails. This update you have to completely uninstall all hcs products before installing the update
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      Great, thanks!

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    You know what would be nice? I I could go to my account ans see all the pasks I am entitled to without having to crub through 5000 of my emails searching for them! Especially since I bought the packs spread out over time and the links are in several different emails! It is bad enough to have to uninstall everything but to have to spend time scrubbing through emails searching for my down load links kinds of adds more suckness to the process!