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Can't make it work (I ask her to do something, she says she is and nothing happens)

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  • Can't make it work (I ask her to do something, she says she is and nothing happens)

    Hello, new customer here.
    Using Astra

    I am totally lost. I have to say that I haven't followed such messy instructions in years, I think. I have to go around the forum looking for different bits to make my sound pack work.

    I am currently at the stage where ... nothing happens.
    So I have installed VoiceAttack (steam)
    I have then installed the Plugininstaller.exe
    Then I have installed setup.exe
    I have chosen the directory for steam. Plugin into Apps and Pack into Sounds (/steam.....)

    Found singularity profile and imported it
    Run the game - ship does not respond to a few commands like "Lights", but undocks fine
    I find a thread about keybind checker and run the thing in VoiceAttack
    I then find a thread with Default Keybindings and manually set these all up in the game controls.

    Now my commands do NOTHING. The ship does not even undock, does not turn on the lights (even though the keybind is detault "Insert".
    I have done the "check systems" and she responds to that, but it does not change a thing.

    And after setting all these default keybinds I run the keybind check and it gives me a text file with missing keybinds for the ones I copied from default keybinds. I am lost.

    Now, should have I installed the packs to their default directory (program files) and then copied the folders? I don't know if that's required as some of the guides here are from 2015 and who knows if they are still up to date.
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    hiya...could you possibly jump on discord and we can get you running properly there:
    The Singularity profile - One profile to rule them all and at HCS we bound them

    You see, TheThingIs, eventually you'll be allright.


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      Hey. I have done the usual route of "turning it off and on again" and reinstalled Attack and all the packs. That seemed to have helped for now. Not sure why, but no matter.
      This VoiceAttack is a real learning curve, hehe. Perhaps you could make the manual more idiot friendly?