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"Command ignored - not available whilst in hyperspace"

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  • "Command ignored - not available whilst in hyperspace"

    had a disconnect last night while jumping to a new system. Now the profile won't do anything because it thinks I'm in the longest hyperspace jump in ED history. I've tried rebooting my computer to no avail. I'm using singularity 1.04 voice attack 1.7 and HCS Elite plugin 2.04. There really needs to be an easy way to 'reset' everything for things like this. Aggravating as I was almost done with a mission that will now time out because I cannot play

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    Once you shift state, then the journal gets updated, which the plugin can then read. So jumping to supercruise to normal state, docking, landing on a planet whatever.

    Or at least that is what is meant to happen.
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      this did indeed work thank you. I had to go into my keybindings to see how to do it as my bindings are all weird lol