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Some bugs I can't fix

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  • Some bugs I can't fix

    Hello all,

    I’ve recently installed the latest version of Orion, Astra, Vega and Ships Cat after receiving a prompt, however there are a few niggles I’m finding.

    Prior to update the timings for speech were perfect (Voice overs during supercruise, docking etc) but with latest version docking VO gets two messages speaking at once and supercruise is mis-timing when the exit point is.

    Also VA isn’t using the discovery scanner when exited supercruise like it used to.

    And the strangest problem, VA will not recognise any Silent Running command. Keyboard shortcuts are in place and occasionally it will recognise the phrase ‘silent running’ but it isn’t understanding it as a command.

    Sorry for the long post!

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    RE: speech timing when exiting hyperspace, see

    RE: discovery scanner, make sure the mapping is set; see

    RE: silent running command not being recognized, I've no idea since I haven't used that command yet.

    RE: anything else that might come up, there's a good chance the question has already been asked by someone else and answered (that's been my experience on these forums, anyway); try searching the forums (might get questions answered / issues resolved sooner).

    If you're seeing numerous really strange issues that weren't there before, please post a screenshot of your VA window when you first open the program, and confirm if you installed directly over previous version or if you uninstalled everything first and then installed the latest version. I did the former and experienced a host of oddities that immediately resolved once I did the latter.

    Hope the above helps!