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Orion thrustmaster HOTUS not working 100%, HELP!

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  • Orion thrustmaster HOTUS not working 100%, HELP!

    Ok so I might just be thick but I just downloaded Orion and there is a key bind warning in VA letting me know I have missing key binds in Elite. I am running the Thrustmaster HOTUS but I have Custom selected in ED. Orion is working with a few things but not all. I would like Orion to work 100%. How do I get this done? FYI I followed the steps for setup.

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    You can use this list of commands to see what commands need binding.

    Side note: If you want the discovery scanner to auto fire when you jump into a system, then you will need to assign a keyboard press to the command.

    Side note 2: That list is just missing weapon/engine color, reverse toggle swithc and galnet audio commands, but that is because we don't actually have a default set for them.
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