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Eden V1.01 - where is it (not on the link!)

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  • Eden V1.01 - where is it (not on the link!)

    Started with Elite a month ago (I'm over 60, played the original, equally badly!) and got VA/HCS all good, got Eden, liked it so got Celeste (as the COVAS too) but when I start VA it say to update Eden - see attached.

    So I read TheThingIs (great name, like Gangrel's [?] sig too!) and went to my link, down loaded it. Uninstalled Eden, deleted the entire Eden (and Celeste directories - just in case). Reinstalled and lo, I still get the whinge.

    Done this a couple of times, good job the links DON'T expire or I'd be labelled a pirate! (And not in an Elite way - not that good, still trolling around in a Sidewinder.)

    The download zip is 264MB (277,523,540) and the last time I downloaded (file date) it was 2018-05-31 (developer, so I use UTC dates).

    I >know< it's not a killer, as it does work but it is slightly annoying.

    (One other small weird-ness, they have a tendency to talk over each over, maybe I haven't allocated them correctly.....sounds really crowded in my tiddly little ship.)
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    I would double check and reinstall the plugin as well (just to be double sure)
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