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Getting no voicepacks detected when singularity initialises

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  • Getting no voicepacks detected when singularity initialises

    started voice attack this evening and when singularity initialised gave an error for every pack I have installed and ended with telling me no packs could be detetced even though it is looking in the correct place.

    I had this happen before and reinstalled aall the packs which sorted it out, and now it happened again. any ideas why this is happening? Im going to email support as the error advised but was hoping someone here could tell me why this is happening.

    Oh well going to have to reinstall the pack I guess to get them working in the short term
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    looks like you only updated the profile...the last update required a full uninstall and reinstall of all your packs as we changed many of the the new profile is looking for the new sounds hence it refusing to use the old ones basically
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