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  • Voice Pack Issue

    I have 4 voice packs Installed and they taklk over Verity and victor and they even talk over themselves. I mean Vega will talk over Orion and Vega with also talk over Himself is there any way to stop that.

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    If they talk over the ships voice then you will have to disable some of the built in responses that the ship can give (this is under the sound settings).

    Its personal preference as to which ones you willl want to enable/disable.

    They *shouldn't* however talk over each other, unless you are giving commands whilst another is happening. This is a hard one to solve, because whilst we could set it up so that the new voice file will auto stop an *existing* voice file, it would have to basically be (on our side) an all or nothing setting. And this would mean in some circumstances a voice cutting off *something really important*...
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