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Edit "Red Alert" and "Attack Protocol Alpha"

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  • Edit "Red Alert" and "Attack Protocol Alpha"

    So, forgive me, but I only have expertise coding in C and some very very basic C++ from 18 years ago.

    I am trying to edit the power management when I go into red alert. I want it to balance power, then put one pip in SYS, followed by two pips in WEP. This should leave 2 pips in SYS, 1/2 in ENG, and 3 1/2 in WEP, which is a perfect setup for my build. I have tried searching for previous answers but find none. I tried creating a custom command but it's not piecing together for me. I just don't know what to do with this language (is it visual basic?). Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, my "on my mark" commands don't work. VA says "on my mark" is not active, and when I do "protocol override: customize my settings" there is no tick box to enable or disable "on my mark." All the things I get as results are from well over a year ago and I have no "ASTRA Full House" profile or anything like that. I have Eden and ASTRA. Thanks

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    I would not recommend editing the profile directly to make your own adjustments, because they would be lost on any profile updates. I would however say "follow this guide from step 12 on how to link your own profile into voice attack."

    Anyways, the structure of the command (this is at the most basic) would be like this
    Execute another command (by name) : ((Balance Power))
    Execute another command (by name) : ((Power to Systems))
    Execute another command (by name) : ((Power to Weapons))
    Execute another command (by name) : ((Power to Weapons))
    Yes, this avoids all logic, but it does mean that you are not messing with the Singularity profile code.
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