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    I've written this on Discord, but there was nno answer, so maybe I'll get better luck here
    I bought Astra voicepack long time ago and to be honest I forgot that I bought it(now when I browse through singularity voice commands I see that for some of them u have to have Astra), but now when I logged to my account to download Astra, I see that there is Vega 2 times and no Astra at all. what do I need to do?

    I just checked in my emails, it turned out that i didn't. I was going to buy Astra but went for Eden instead. Since, Vega and Astra are the same price, can I swap this double Vega I have on mmy account to Astra?
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    You will have to email with purchase details explaining everything. No promises though if you have already downloaded the 2nd pack though
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