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Haven't Received an Email to Download the Voice Pack

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  • Haven't Received an Email to Download the Voice Pack

    Does it normally take hours and hours to actually receive an email with a DL link for the voice packs? I bought it on Frontier's website earlier today and have yet to receive an email. There is no default voice pack on my computer so I can't even test out the voice commands on VoiceAttack with Singularity because there is no voice pack found in the VoiceAttack sounds folder.

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    None of our voicepacks are available on the Frontier store.
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      Sounds like you bought one of Frontier's ship voices, which should be available to you now in the livery / outfitting section when in a starport. Their voice packs have nothing to do with HCS or Singularity, and don't allow for control of your ship via voice. If you want an AI that you can interact with, and that will respond to your commands, you need to buy it directly from HCS: (and make sure you buy the version for Elite Dangerous).