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Was there a standalone "system jump" command before the latest update?

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  • Was there a standalone "system jump" command before the latest update?

    I'm sure this command wasn't one of my own but rather a standalone command, which jumped you into a system, shut down your engines, targeted and scanned the local star and honked the system all at the same time.

    If it did in fact used to be there, it's missing in my Singularity now... I've had to add the phrase to the "Clearance..." command but this doesn't target the star for scanning as you exit witch space.

    Also, why does the latest Singularity look different when I edit it? The nested categories referring to the various functions seem to have disappeared?

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    "initiate explorer jump" is the command that I use for the "honk and target scan on entry". You do need to have "expanded explorer mode" enabled though in the customiser ("Protocol Override: Customise my settings" )

    We do still categories for the commands, maybe you need to check one of the buttons in the bottom left of your VA window (one splits/joints multipart commands, the other hides/shows by catefory)
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      Thanks for your help - I've linked the backup I made of the Singularity profile before I updated it, I'll see if that sorts out the "system jump" issue. I do have the "expanded explorer mode" enabled in the customiser.

      Also, yes I see and have ticked the box to tick to get the show by category - back to how I like it, many thanks!