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"system jump on my mark" - Unrecognized??? dafuq?

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  • "system jump on my mark" - Unrecognized??? dafuq?

    I have Astra, Carina, Dark, Eden, the cat, and the parrot on board.
    I have no missing binds, and pretty much everything works as expected, except "system jump on my mark", which gives me UNRECOGNIZED.

    Copy&Paste from VA:
    17:07:19 - Number One:Astra Helm:Dark Tactical:Carina Engineering:Eden Operations:Eden and Science:Dark
    17:07:19 - Recognized : 'rolecall'
    17:07:16 - Unrecognized : 'system jump on my mark'
    I *believe* i have the latest versions of my packs installed, at least the update check on start does not complain about anything.

    any ideas?

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    [stand by to;] [get clear;clear the area;clear the dock] And [prep for;prepare for;engage;] [supercruise;jump;system jump;safety jump] [on my mark;]

    [stand by to;stand by for;] [next hop and;next system and;next system in route and;] [engage;enable;go to;make;make the;initiate] [jump;jump drive;hyperspace;hyperspace jump;warp drive;warp;warp speed;frame shift;frame shift drive;fsd drive;fsd;f t l drive;faster than light drive;f t l;system jump;system jump now;safety jump;safety jump now;explorer jump;explorer jump now] [please;] [on my mark;]

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      the main command has a lot of triggers but basically it's "engage system jump" and has been that way for a long time
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        how long is "a long time", it's been maybe 6 weeks since I last played and back then "system jump on my mark" worked...