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Vocie Attack, EDDI, and "Dangerous" systems

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  • Vocie Attack, EDDI, and "Dangerous" systems

    OK, so bear with me here...

    As always guys, fantastic job, I now have 7 of the packs, and am thoroughly enjoying using VA and HCS packs. Keep it up. I know it ain't easy to get these people in studio for updates and what not.

    OK, so there's a command you can use to ask your AI if the system is dangerous. My issue, even as I m being interdicted, is that it's NEVER an affirmative answer. I have installed EDDI 3.0.3 RC (latest version), latest versions of plugins, newest packs, etc. Is there an element of configuration I'm missing? Is there something perhaps I need to do with EDDI? BTW, all of this is running as Administrator.

    What criteria need to be met for an affirmative answer to the "is this system dangerous" question?? Am I just looking in the wrong places? I'm not looking for a fight on purpose, but would like to know when to expect an affirmative answer to that question, and then I could see if it is indeed working.

    Everything else is working beautifully. When code and conditional responses get complex, this is the kind of thing that happens from time to time. Any insight would be appreciated.

    Thanks to you and your voice actors for all the hard work making such an immersive experience for us!

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    For the HCS plugin side (we don't use the EDDI part) the system Government needs to be in a state of Anarchy.

    That is it.
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