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Set course for home no longer working

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  • Set course for home no longer working

    Set course worked great for a long time but now it dose weird things. when I say set course for home or bookmark 1 2 ... the galaxy map come up but then pops out of game and takes me to ED controls and a few other places in ED controls. I have to cancel and go to resume game to get back to the game. Have you ever had this happen and is there a fix for this. Win 10 did and up date a week or so ago but every thing else works great. Please help and thank you.

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    That is very strange, I haven't experienced this myself, but I have noted it to see if others have noticed it

    What version of voice attack/singularity profile and HCS Plugin version are you running?
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      Sounds like keypresses. Have you altered any of the galaxy map keys lately?
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