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  • Bindings problems

    Some bindings are not working with the latest upgrade.

    I have noticed that most of the ones flagged up by Singularity seem to be keybinds that I had to set in the right-hand column on the last update. It looked like the customiser isn't reading that column? So I re-jigged them all so that the keypresses were in the left-hand column, which seemed to fix a lot of them but not all, e.g. "Galaxy Map" still returns error message saying that the keybind is not set, even though it is definitely bound to a key.
    The binds in Elite are showing as 'Thrustmaster T-Flight' (which is what I have), but in the binding folder I have 'custom.2.0.binds', 'custom.binds' and 'HCSPacks KB+M.binds'.

    Ship's cat is also not working, although definitely installed.

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    Ships cat has been updated for Singularity.

    Can you remove the binding files that are not "current" (save them elsewhere), and then run the missing keybind report.
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      Got it to work eventually. VA was looking for a profile that wasn't there (Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS 3.0). I got the customiser to generate missing keybinds and that seemed to get things working. Still testing...