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Annoying problem with 1 word

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  • Annoying problem with 1 word

    Hi folks hoping you can help as this is really getting on my nerves, for some reason I can't fathom VA is picking up the word "back" a very short example
    "16:21:13 - Recognized : 'back'
    16:21:12 - Recognized : 'back'
    16:21:06 - Recognized : 'back'
    16:20:57 - Recognized : 'back'
    16:20:23 - Recognized : 'back' "
    I'm saying nothing at all to copy the example I just sat totally silent and still and no other sources of sound, the annoying thing is every time this appears my lovely assistant says changing camera this gets very annoying every few seconds
    Is there any way I can alter this to something other than the single word to cause a reaction.
    Normally I would simply have gone into the profile, found the entry and edit it alas now that's not possible. This has only started since the new update.

    any help gratefully accepted thanks

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    use the Voice Trigger editor in the customiser

    We have the ability now to completely switch off commands so VA isn't even listening for them so any issues that pop up like this we can deal with
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      Thanks for speed reply I will have a look and see if I can sort it I will let you know if I sorted it ASAP


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        Sorted thanks


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          Normally I would simply have gone into the profile, found the entry and edit it alas now that's not possible.

          Come again? How are we supposed to edit them then??
          I've just created a new command & I need to edit it, but it's vanished & double clicking it's entry in the log is useless now!

          This is why i try to avoid updating voicepacks unless I really have to!, everytime I do I end up wasting hours re importing custom commands & fixing problems the update's caused!!
          And now I can't edit them!? wth??


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            Custom commands should always be done via this method as this means that you will NOT lose them on profile update.

            The reason as to why the profile is now locked, is because we would like to be able to make the profiles autoupdateable, but for that to happen, it means that we have to ensure that any tweaks/customisations that you might make to a profile don't get lost.

            With the voice trigger editor in the profile, we now have the ability to update the profile whilst still keeping your "custom voice triggers" for existing commands still available on update.
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