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Profile keeps trying to change camera & no scan when entering a system

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  • Profile keeps trying to change camera & no scan when entering a system

    My bot keeps wanting to change camera, it keeps picking up one word in particular "low". There have been other word that also triggers 'change camera' I've seen "front" also do it.
    I did ask this in Discord, but the solution.. But I was unable to work it out. I tried changing the 'Next Camera' Voice Trigger but it had no effect. I was looking to turn off all camera functions, but I don't see if that's possible without removing all voice triggers. Which I don't want to do.

    Also why doesn't it use the D-Scanner when jumping into a system, anymore? I have 'Explorer Mode' selected and my D-Scanner is on Primary Weapon when entering the system. The crewman says he is scanning and updating stellar cartography, but nothing is done. In the old setup there was an option to tell it if the scanner was on primary weapon, but I don't see that in this one. Is this still an option?

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    The trigger on the camera is noted. You can currently use the voice trigger editor to alter the phrases for Camera 8 and 9, although this command structure will be sorted in the patch for Singualrity due soon.

    The option to choose if the discovery scanner is on primary or secondary fire has not been removed, it is still there under keyboard control
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