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Kate ED Profile not Loading Correctly

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  • Kate ED Profile not Loading Correctly


    I downloaded Kate last night (new purchase). I am running the latest singularity and VA (and 7 other profiles).

    Kate installed correctly but will not respond to 'crewman Kate' command. I have checked that she is selected in the customiser and she defaults to non-selected. I correct that but that does not fix the problem.

    I then run the crew on rotation mode and Kate does pop up but instead of VA showing ' Rotating Crew, next will be Kate' it shows Rotating Crew, next will be ' with no name. She does respond as normal.

    I am unable to use Kate in Crew Command Roster because she does not respond. When I restart VA and Singularity she once again defaults to not selected in the customiser.

    There are no issues with any of the other profiles (which have all been reloaded post-Chapter 4). They are working as expected.

    Any thoughts ?


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