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Creating a custom voice trigger for the Customiser.

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  • Creating a custom voice trigger for the Customiser.


    Can someone walk me through the process of creating a custom voice trigger to open the customiser? I asked over on the Discord, and Gangrel said to try the following:

    "You can create a custom command that runs as the advanced command (by name) of protocol override customise my settings"

    I attempted to do this, but get an error stating: "UNABLE TO EXECUTE COMMAND, 'protocol override customise my settings' (by name). COMMAND NOT AVAILABLE."

    When I created the command, I selected Other > Voice Attack Action > Execute Another Command. When the window opened, I selected "Execute by Name (Advanced)" from the options, and input 'protocol override customise my settings' in the box, then clicked 'ok' and saved the command. When I speak the command, it recognizes the trigger and looks like it's trying execute, but I've done something wrong somewhere, since VA is telling me it can't do so.

    Can someone shed some light on what I may have done wrong, or should be doing if I'm not doing something I should be? I've tried numerous times to invoke the customiser and it just won't open for me, regardless of how fast or slow I speak, or how clearly I try to enunciate the command phrase. Gangrel was of the opinion that I should be able to just create my own trigger, and even bind that to a keypress if I needed to, in order to get the customiser open, but I haven't quite figured out how I need to do so.

    Any help would be much appreciated. I've probably spent about 90 minutes over the last several days trying to get the Customiser to open, and all it does is laugh at me.

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    You need to also link the two profiles (Look at step 13 onwards on how to link profiles )
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      well all you have to do is alter the voice trigger which opens the the voice trigger editor (once you get it opened that is)

      as a temporary measure just create the new cmd inside singularity and execute the cmd called "hcsvt_Customiser"
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        I'll give that a go folks.

        I was going to post in the Discord again, but with mother ill, I'm running around doing the last minute holiday prep, and it seemed easier to leave a note here instead.


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          That worked a treat. Got the customiser to open using a keybind linked from a second profile.

          Thanks much!!