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  • Keybind issues

    I went to the HCS keybind page...

    But this is not updated with the latest keybinds in the game. Like FSS and the other things. I do not know what keys are for the FSS , switch Mode ect.... can you or someone please provide me with a way to find these as now you cannot get into the commands in VA they say they are locked.


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    Not affiliated with HCS, but there aren't hard-coded bindings anymore, you can use whatever you like and as long as you've selected that control scheme in ED and they are recognized as "custom" binds, HCS will read them and press whatever you defined. Assuming you've uninstalled and reinstalled everything HCS & re-installed from latest version (voice packs were all updated to account for Beyond), as well as updated HCSTools plugin to version 3.0, and are running Singularity version 2.0 profile under VoiceAttack 1.7.3, HCS have provided utilities that should help you out.
    1. Say "protocol override customize my settings"
    2. In the window that appears under the "Keyboard" section run either the Missing KeyBind Report to identify exactly which ones are missing binds and then specify / change them how you want from within Elite Dangerous' Control preferences, or click "KeyBind Creator" and let the tool create a new custom bindings file for you.
    I think by default you still have to add / correct a few bindings (that Frontier themselves have messed up by mistake) but you can use the Missing Keybind Report to find those and fix as needed.

    Hope the above helps.


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      Thank you for your help. I will attempt to give this a try.

      Cheers and Happy Holidays.