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    when you jump, what exactly is the phrase you speak to initiate the jump?

    All targeting of anything was removed in the latest profiles so this is a bit baffling. It could possibly be a keybind conflict that has crept in so something like 0 throttle and target have the same keypress maybe? Try changing the keybind for 0% throttle and see if that helps.
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      I found the Cause of my Issue....... I am an IDIOT. Its been a while since I played. I was selecting the station or planet instead of selecting the Plot course option. When I select the plot course option after I jump into the system the station is still selected as my destination and all I need do is alter course and supercruise to my selected location. What I was doing before was simply selecting it as if I was flying from station to station inside the same system. I hope all this makes sense I am feeling kind of stupid and it might transfer over into my typing. For all of you that helped me pull my head out of my afterburner thank you