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    Whoever I have in Operations role they randomly "announce CHANGE CAMERA" which results in the speed being reduced to zero. Very awkward when on auto dock or in combat. I have tried all my23 AIs same problem.

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    This has been fixed in the updated profile/plugin where the camera commands are now only triggered once you enter camera mode.

    Or you can edit the voice trigger to the Camera 8/9 so that Low/Back are not mentioned (or add more to the trigger)
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    • Peter_Angry
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      This "feature" is causing me grief - I have Eden and have been plagued with it since I updated to Singularity recently. There are no updates available and when I try to edit Camera 8 (TXT:hcsvtED_Camera8) I get the message "Command not accessible" - any suggestions?

    • Gangrel
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      The current Singularity profile is currently 2.02 and Plugin 3.01. You can get the updated version from This issue has been fixed in the updates since 2.0 was released

      Once you have the HCSTools on your account, you can just redownload it for updates without having to redownload the full profile just for profile/plugin updates

      Side note: You can use the customiser to change the trigger phrases

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    Thanks for that fix I did the update which cleared the Camera problem, thanks.
    New bug "accessing cartography" by random crew members. Resulting in the Galaxy map appearing just as you are docking or arriving after a hyper jump. Screen clears when close map used, nothing appearing in the log.


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      duplicate keybind somewhere?
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