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"dust off" triggers forward thrust instead of vertical?!

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  • "dust off" triggers forward thrust instead of vertical?!

    The subject line pretty much says it all. I tried searching the forums but after perusing half a dozen threads I couldn't find a similar report. I discovered that when I say "dust off" instead of lifting me off the pad the HCS AI (Eli, in this case, that ******* ;P ) starts moving the ship forward instead of up, and the first time it happened it caused me to crash into the station (thankfully at relatively slow speed) and get a fine for blocking a landing pad. (On subsequent tests, I was ready with my "0%" button.)

    Any ideas? I'm going to re-verify that I didn't duplicate or cross-wire bindings somehow, but it's been a few months since I had time to actually play so I've forgotten which section of controls HCS scripts use to govern take off -- is it "Flight Thrust" or "Flight Throttle"?

    If it matters, I have thrust set to "continuous" instead of "10% increments", but that's how I had it set prior to Beyond Chapter 4 and never had this issue.

    I've verified I don't have any custom commands that use the same voice trigger, so it's firing off the Singularity version (and confirms as much in the VA log). Given that I just updated everything to the absolute latest within the past 2 days (fresh downloads, uninstall & reinstall, etc), I can only surmise this might be an issue of duplicated / conflicting bindings but I don't know exactly what I'm looking for (everything looks right to me in the in-game Controls screen, and ED isn't complaining of any duplicated bindings).


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    Can you take a screenshot of your va window when it first loads up please.
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      See attached. (Note that I have not been having any problems with VA being able to press keys so that's why it's not running with elevated privileges.)


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        Never mind; got it sorted. It was duped (and obviously conflicting) key bindings that Elite didn't warn about. I inadvertently assigned the same combo to Thrust Up and Throttle Forward, and I guess "forward" won. Oops. User error. Replace user.