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Thrusters, Arrival Checks and the Camera Suite

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  • Thrusters, Arrival Checks and the Camera Suite

    Just a couple questions..... but first..... HCS is awesome and puts this game on a whole other level for me and it just keeps getting better. So props to all of you.

    1. Since I think you can't edit how commands work anymore I have a few timing issues I used to be able to fix myself but wanted to see if there is now another way. 1 example is "arrival checks when we land please" Sometimes my starport services does not open fast enough before the clicking and selecting commands commence. I used to remedy this by adding about ~1 second to the pause command/line to give more time for the starport services screen to open.

    2. Thruster commands all work except 40% command for some reason and I can't figure it out. My binds are all set correctly with key presses for 0% 25% 50% 75% and 100% with W and S as 10% increments. This is the line I see in VA--------->

    3:14:55 PM - Unrecognized : 'full thrust'
    3:14:51 PM - Recognized : 'thrusters one hundred %'
    3:14:46 PM - Recognized : 'thrusters ninety %'
    3:14:43 PM - Recognized : 'thrusters eighty %'
    3:14:39 PM - Recognized : 'thrusters seventy %'
    3:14:35 PM - Recognized : 'thrusters sixty %'
    3:14:31 PM - Recognized : 'thrusters fifty %'
    3:14:24 PM - UNABLE TO EXECUTE COMMAND, '((hcsvtforwardthrustersaction))' (by name). COMMAND NOT AVAILABLE.
    3:14:24 PM - Recognized : 'forty %'
    3:14:22 PM - UNABLE TO EXECUTE COMMAND, '((hcsvtforwardthrustersaction))' (by name). COMMAND NOT AVAILABLE.
    3:14:22 PM - Recognized : 'thrusters forty %'
    3:14:18 PM - Recognized : 'thrusters thirty %'
    3:14:15 PM - Recognized : 'thrusters twenty %'
    3:14:12 PM - Recognized : 'thrusters ten %'
    3:14:06 PM - Recognized : 'thrusters zero %'

    3. The camera suite seems to use a lot of 1 word commands that get triggered by accident frequently enough. Personally if i "burp" it reads it as "back" Not a huge deal as I have edited the voice triggers to be much more complex and would actually love to turn voice commands for the camera OFF as I never use them but they got triggered so often it was annoying.

    Anyways all very much minor issues but ones that seem to stand out for me personally. Thanks for any help or info and keep up the great work

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    all fixed in the latest release, see changelog here (including adding another 1s pause when opening starport services):

    I'd tell you to update but we'll likely put out another version in a few days that addresses some more issues which have popped up. The update notification popup got messed as we accidentally removed the link but check on that post for when it's out
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      Thank you very much