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Update issues Singularity Astra

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  • Update issues Singularity Astra

    I am trying to update my plugins and I download the latest tools pack but no luck...I get the following...

    3:17:25 PM - No Voicepacks can be detected - DO NOT USE THE PROFILE
    3:17:25 PM - I'm looking for them here: C:\Program Files (x86)\VoiceAttack\Sounds
    3:17:25 PM - Astra needs to be updated to work with this profile.
    3:17:25 PM - Please download the pack using the original link in your email (the latest version is always downloaded)
    3:17:25 PM - Checking integrity of detected crew...
    3:17:24 PM - Detecting the crew...
    3:17:23 PM - Running diagnostic checks...
    3:17:22 PM - Loading customiser settings...
    3:17:22 PM - Initialising, please wait...
    3:17:22 PM - VoiceAttack profile - (c) HCS VoicePacks Ltd 2018
    3:17:22 PM - Singularity v2.02 - VoiceAttack v1.7.3
    3:17:21 PM - Plugin 'HCS Plugin v3.01 - (c) HCS VoicePacks Ltd 2016' initialized.
    3:17:21 PM - Plugin support enabled.

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    What happens if you run VA as normal user?

    Also: ASTRA also had file changes in there, so you would have to download and install the updated voicepack as well
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