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    Been a while since Ive got onto VA/HCS or Elite, HCS is prompting me to update it, issue comes up when I say to download and update plugins, I get an error.

    I'm just looking to get it updated so it hopefully populates the new and changed commands in Elite (FSS, DSS etc). Advice and help with be great. Thank you.

    Screenshot of error attached..

    I can post the code accompanying the error if required. Thank you.

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    we changed the download link which causes that error in the older customiser

    just download your packs as normal and update
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      Having the exact same problem, how do i download and update as normal, i still been using the old version sent out to my email from 6 months ago


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        You can use the existing email link to download the new version of the voicepack. We recommend that you uninstall the old voicepack and plugin (making sure that Apps/Sound directories is empty of HCS related files), and then install the new voicepack (make sure to also install the new tools) and then import the new profile which will be located in the Voice Attack\Sounds\HCSTools\Profiles\ <game> folder
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